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Client profile

The province of Soria, with a surface of 10.287 km ², has a population of 95.101 inhabitants (2009), 41,6 % of which live in the capital, Soria.

The province has more than 500 population centres, grouped in 183 municipalities, almost half of which have less than 100 inhabitants, only thirteen have more than 1.000 inhabitants and just Almazán, El Burgo de Osma–Ciudad de Osma and Soria overcome 5.000 inhabitants.

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Project Aim

As a complement to the Digital Soria-Global Soria project, and in line with the implantation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure, it pursues the modernization of the municipalities of the province of Soria by means of the utilization of information technologies. It also will get:

    • To improve the Municipal Management.
    • To improve management and attention to citizens services .
    • To simplify and to integrate the procedures used by the municipalities.
    • To improve technological and communication infrastructures necessary for obtaining the mentioned aims.

LocalGIS LocalGis

Solution offered by COTESA

  • Cotesa proposes LocalGIS, as a Territorial Information System for Municipalities that, starting from a cartographic base, allows geo-referencing both information and municipal management, providing this way a set of online services to Councils and citizens, based on Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
  • Thanks to its Internet Urban Guide, LocalGIS will allow publishing information relative to the Deputation itself and to the municipalities involved in the project, through Deputation’s of Soria IDE.
  • To achieve a proper level of normalization and a support to facilitate the information exchange, it’s been established adopting the use of ISO standards and specifications from the Open GeoSpatial Consortium (OGC), as the leading organism in the development of geospatial specifications and location based systems.