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3D Modeling Project of European City Centers

The project will aim to produce the “digital building block height models (BBHM)” in 885 cities and urban centers across Europe. With this, it will be possible to update and expand the information of the Urban Atlas service, one of the great challenges of the Copernicus Land Program.

It is an innovative project with a budget close to one million euros, which will ensure the production and maintenance of detailed information on land cover and use in the main European cities. Cutting-edge technology will be used, capable of incorporating algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data and Cloud Computing, emerging technologies of great relevance in the short and medium term. At the same time, they represent a paradigm shift in the sector and are capable of improving and meeting customer needs in a more optimal way. The EEA has awarded this project to the consortium formed by Cotesa and the Polish-American company KPGeo, conducted by the Cotesa Geospatial Analysis team, which leads the consortium.

European Environment Agency (EEA)

14 months