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Apertura de una sucursal de TECOPY en Camerún

The Spanish company TECOPY, S.A. has decided to set up an office in Cameroon in order to expand its international presence and in view of possible projects to be developed in this country over the next few months in civil engineering services. This international development was co-funded by ICE (Institute for Business Competitiveness).

The office is in a strategic location as it is close to various ministries and public institutions as well as project and logistics contracting authorities (bid deliveries, administrative procedures, monitoring of important projects and those underway, etc.).

At the time, the Spanish company was developing a project that consisted of a technical study for roadway rehabilitation and had been awarded other similar projects.

This decision was made to ensure adequate development of the projects in Cameroon as exhaustive control was required in addition to a very up-close relationship with contracting authorities and possible local partners and professionals.

The expectations with the opening of the new TECOPY office were to consolidate our presence in the country with the awarding of large projects to be developed and to increase the company’s business volume in Cameroon.