About Us

GRUPO TECOPY is one of the leading companies, carrying out studies, projects and technical assistance, in the area of Civil and Industrial Engineering as well as Communication Solutions and access to Internet information using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The engineering and consulting market is highly fragmented, highly specialized and very dynamic. For this reason, the services that society demands in there areas are constantly evolving.
Traditional engineering has evolved to include activities, which give more weight to service management. Undoubtedly, the consultancy and technologies markets will soon follow.

 The companies, which make up Grupo Tecopy, are at an advantage, given that the future of engineering and consulting firms is to evolve towards a type of engineering which puts more emphasis on the consulting and management aspects of the business. Thus the companies of Grupo Tecopy, given their present specialization, are EXTREMELY PREPARED FOR THE FUTURE, even more so given their extensive experience and the professionalism of their employees. We can maximize both resources and results. We are backed by twenty years of excellent work!

Finally, GRUPO TECOPY has decided to take a major step in this direction and to commit ourselves firmly to the professionalization of our companies to ensure their continuity and profitability as well as to the development of our services to meet potential demands. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service on new, cutting-edge projects as well as placing special emphasis on service management for traditional projects.