Spanish association of engineering, consultancy and technology service companies

Non-profit association composed of engineering, consulting and technology companies. Its objective is the improvement of competitiveness and ensuring the sustainable growth of its companies.


Business Association of Castilla y León

Non-profit, professional association made up of companies from different sectors. Their objectives include the coordination, representation, management, promotion and defense of business interests in the Castile-Leon Region.


Federation of Information and Communication Technology Associations of Castilla y León

AETICAL is a sectorial organization. It is a non-profit business association made up of companies dedicated to information and communication technology services operating in Castile-Leon. Its goal is to improve the situation of the ICT sector in Castile-Leon, promoting research, development, specialization training and technical innovation.


Business Cluster for Environmental Sustainability

The Business Cluster is a group of companies involved in activities related, either directly or indirectly, to environmental sustainability. Its aim is to promote innovation in the field of environmental services, contributing to economic growth from the perspective of environmental sustainability.

Spanish Framework Water Management

Spanish Framework for the Use of Technology in Water Management

A public-private netowrk, cooperating on the promotion of R&D among actors in the science and technology field, led by the water management sector. Their objectives include the innovation and constant improvement of technologies and processes related to the sustainable management of the water cycle, as well as improving employment, competitiveness and internationalization in the sector.

Business Cluster for Innovation in the Mobility Sector

Business Cluster for Innovation in the Mobility Sector

This Cluster began as an initiative of the Investment and Services Agency (ADE), through the Mobility Innovation Center (CEDETEL) and AETICAL, as a mechanism to increase the growth of the mobility applications and services offered on the Spanish market, and to facilitate the growth of the companies of this sector as well as enable "Spanish mobility" to play an important role on the international scene.

Mobility Business Cluster

Business Cluster for Innovation in the Mobility Sector

The principle Business Cluster in Spain specialized in mobility technologies lead by the Mobility Innovation Center (CIM). Their main objective is to help companies generate business lines based on mobile technologies trough:

  • Technology transfer.
  • Advanced consulting.
  • Development of innovation projects.