business organization chartGRUPO TECOPY is composed of a number of complementary businesses that provide services to their clients in the fields of engineering, consulting and training.
The multidisciplinary and complementarity of activities, carried out by each of the companies, covers a wide range of services, thereby allowing us to offer comprehensive service to each client and addressing all critical issues for the successful development of engineering and architecture projects.

GRUPO TECOPY is the parent company, which supplies materials, financing and human resources support to the rest of the companies.
Tecopysa is a company, which specializes in the design, development and study of civil and industrial engineering and architecture.
Cotesa is a company, which specializes in consultancy and project development for land-use planning and management. Our solutions rely heavily on the use of ICT technology.
Enclave is a consultancy company specialized in the design of projects, individualized and adapted to the needs of each client, within the fields of education, training and the generation of digital content.

GRUPO TECOPY also includes a group of investment holding companies.

In 2011, with education as its main purpose, Fundación Grupo Tecopy was created to promote social actions, scientific research and technological development.