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A-11 Tudela-Quintanilla

Preparation of preliminary, layout and detailed design:
AO-VA-14: A-11 Duero Motorway.
Section: Quintanilla de Arriba (W)-Tudela de Duero. T2/12-VA-3910: A-11 Motorway.
Section: Quintanilla de Arriba (W)-Quintanilla de Onésimo (E). T2/12-VA-3920: A-11 motorway.
Section: Quintanilla de Onésimo (E)-Tudela de Duero». Province of Valladolid.

Narrative Description of the Project:
All of these studies are framed within the province of Valladolid. The ambit of the study, as shown in the following image, covers the following municipalities: Tudela de Duero, Villabañez, Villavaquerín, Castrillo Tejeriego, Valbuena de Duero, Olivares de Duero, Sardón de Duero, Traspinedo, Quintanilla de Arriba, Quintanilla de Onésimo and La Cistérniga.

The detailed design referred to above corresponds to the so-called South Alternative Duplication Option, approved by the Aranda de Duero (West) – Valladolid study. The Ministry of Public Works took the decision to study the solutions proposed in this preliminary study, through the preparation of a Preliminary Design to analyse the feasibility of a the solution to the North of the N-22, without affecting the valuable vineyards located alongside the road, as happened with the South Alternative-Duplication Option.

For the Preliminary Design of the A-11 between Quintanilla de Arriba and Tudela de Duero, a total of two alternatives are currently being studied:

  • Duero North Alternative
  • South Alternative-Duplication Option.

The Duero North Alternative has a total length of 38 km. Its layout runs separate from the current N-122, north of the River Duero. It starts in Tudela de Duero and ends west of Quintanilla de Arriba.
The typical motorway section consists of 7 m road sections, hard shoulders of 2.5 m (external) and 1.5 m (internal) and a 10 m central reservation. The planned speed limit of the section is 120 km/h.
A total of 5 intersections, 4 viaducts, 11 overpasses and 12 underpasses are proposed. Two viaducts that stand out in particular are the Valle (Bajada del Páramo) at 920 m and the one over the River Duero at 480 m.
The budget for investment in the project is 195 million euros.

The South Alternative-Duplication Option, has a total length of 27 km. The route runs next to the current N-122 with a section of the route to the south of the urban centres of Sardón de Duero and Quintanilla de Onésimo. The section starts to the east of Tudela de Duero, finally reaching Quintanilla de Arriba.

The typical motorway sections consists of 7 m road sections, hard shoulders of 2.5 m (external) and 1.5 m (internal) and a 2 m central reservation. The planned speed limit of the section is 100 km/h.

A total of 2 intersections, 2 viaducts, 11 overpasses and 13 underpasses are proposed.

The investment budget for the project is estimated at 178 million euros.

Description of the services effectively provided by the firm’s personnel:

For the development of the detailed design, consulting and assistance services have been provided to the State Motorway Demarcation Authority in Castilla and Western Leon. The project consists of the following documents: Report, Annexes, Plans, Technical Specifications Document and Budget, necessary for the detailed definition of the works to be completed during over the course of the project and the manner in which they are to be done. The Work Units and the characteristics and origin of the materials to be used, both in the construction phase and in the conservation and operation phase, must be specified.

Ministry of Public Works. Directorate General for Roads.

Start Date: 03/2009
End Date: 11/2018
Duration of the work: 9 years and 8 months