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Road Safety Castilla-La Mancha

Preparation of «Security Studies and Projects»
Vial 2009 – 2011” for the State Motorway Demarcation Authority in Castilla-La Mancha

Narrative Description of the Project:

The purpose of this contract is to carry out analysis and management of road safety in the State Road Network in Castilla-La Mancha during the time period established in the contract. For this, a series of phases will be followed, which include the gathering of the information necessary, the processing of the data obtained, data analysis, the proposals for road safety measures including the preparation of the detailed design necessary for the execution of those measures. Moreover, the measures adopted will be monitored to analyse the effect of the execution on each of the measures.

A Road Safety Programme is an process for the identification of, and research into, dangerous or potentially dangerous sections and the establishment of the necessary corrective and preventive measures with their corresponding levels of priority.

Listed below are the works to be carried out to fulfil the objectives of the specifications document, all defined in the Service Note of the Sub-directorate General of Conservation and Operation In July 2008.

  • Phase I: Analysis of accident rate over the course of five-year periods, identification of Accident Black Spots (ABSs), study and report of the ABSs identified, and proposal for actions, monitoring and review of the TCA identified in previous years, monitoring and review of actions carried out and/or proposed.
  • Phase II: Detailed study of all the improvements and adaptations to be made to improve road safety and accident prevention and proposal of road safety and accident prevention actions. A reference of results of the General State Analysis carried out in the state network, performing inspections, reviewing, where applicable, the elements identified subject to improvement and analysing the incidence or impact of the accident rate taking into account accidents with no victims), defining and evaluating more appropriate preventive actions (grouped by itinerary and/or type) and establishing a proposal of priorities and a system of execution, (conservation activities – Direct Management Credits, Operations included in integral conservation (IC) projects and/or road safety programmes.
  • Phase III: Study and report of all fatal accidents that occur in the road network affecting this contract, during the period in force, including action proposals.
  • Phase IV: Periodic monitoring reports (at least 1 weekly) and efficiency of actions implemented. This consists of analysing the evolution and typology of the accident rate to check the suitability of the measures implemented.
  • Phase IV: Completion of specific road safety studies.
  • Phase VI: Proposed Orders of Studies and preparation of corresponding projects. Consists of the preparation of Proposed Study Orders for the Sub-directorate General of Conservation and Operation of the Sub-directorate General of Roads to put in place road safety improvement measures which need the preparation of a project. What’s more, the projects will be prepared once the corresponding Study Orders are issued.
  • Assistance for improvement of IT management of the provincial road unit of the Demarcation Authority of Castilla-La Mancha.

The number of projects prepared within the contracts rises to an approximate sum of some 60 million euros, not including compulsory purchase orders.

Description of the services effectively provided by the firm’s personnel:

Castilla-La Mancha in the aspects related to road safety management. Coordination of the different State Roads Units is carried out in each of the provinces and with the companies awarding the contracts for Integral Conservation of all the State roads in the Autonomous Community.
Through the companies responsible for Integral Conservation, the main accident rate data are obtained which complement the data of the General Directorate for Traffic. Fieldwork is carried out to gather the data to complement the information and obtain the necessary data to assess road safety.
Based on the data gathered, the different types of reports indicated above are prepared. In Initial reports including such as those on the BTSs, fatal accidents or preventive actions, a series of actions to carry out to improve road safety are obtained as a result. These actions may be low cost and are carried out directly with may be high-cost, which would require the completion of a project. All administrative documentation is carried out prior to the completion of the project and the detailed design itself. The detailed design includes the following documents: Report and Annexes, Plans, Technical Specifications Document and Budget, necessary for the detailed definition of the works to be completed during over the course of the project and the manner in which they are to be done. The Work Units and the characteristics and origin of the materials to be used, both in the construction phase and in the conservation and operation phase, must be specified.

Ministry of Public Works. Directorate General for Roads.

Start Date: 10/2009
End Date: 10/2011
Duration of work: 24 months (extendible by 12 months)