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We are one of the few companies in the world that offer a complete military mapping product at 1/5000 – 1/25.000 scale adapted for MCGP TRD4.4 data models, from mapping production (Delineation/Digitalization of the transport network, ground use, population, etc.) up to the MDG/MTN graphic output. Request this service!


We prepare high resolution mapping for projects linked to security and defence of the territory according to MGCP standards.

Solutions and Services

  • Supply of images from the best satellites through signed agreement with distributors EUSI Digital Globe.
  • Processing of images: production of continuous orthoimages and mosaics. Thanks to the use of PCI Geomatics software.
  • o Vertical mapping with new editing and updating based on the TRD4v4.4 m global data model according to MGCP standards (from1:5000 to 1:50000).
  • Completion of quality controls, completion tasks and generation of metadata.
  • Production and packaging of final map to be printed on 50,000 sheets in accordance with MTN/MDG standards.
  • o Specializing in works with extensive Production Mapping, Defence Mapping and ArcGIS Reviewer data linked to military cartography.
  • Manufacturing and creation of tools in accordance with project needs.

References to projects:

  • Spanish MGCP Project. Geographic centre of the Army (CEGET) Ministry of Defence. Government of Spain.
    MGCP-1: Year 2008 – 2010: Orthorectification of 88 VHR and 73 HR cells (2008)
    MGCP-2: Vector extraction of 30 cells (2013)
  • European projects
    SATCEN and FRONTEX: Delineation/Digitalization of communication routes at street/transport level with street names and addresses for European cities at scale of 1/
    5000 from satellite image (2016 – 2017)