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COTESA offers the supply service, technical support and development of the full range of PCI Geomatics solutions. We are the official partner and sole distributor of PCI Geomatics products in Spain.

PCI Geomatics is a leading international company in the development of software, platforms and geospatial solutions for the analysis and processing of geoimages.


It is a software package par excellence that is used for the analysis and correction of aerial and satellite images.

Experience End-to-End

It offers more than 550 control functions on all aspects of geospatial image processing, analysis and quality assurance.

An advanced platform

It includes a Python API version, SDK and a developer version to integrate the geospatial functions in a personalized way.

Multi-sensor support

It allows to directly open and to manipulate the data of more than 180 geospatial file types.

Best company in the field
It allows for atmospheric correction, orthorectification, mosaic creation and MDE extraction.

Efficient automation

It offers tools based on an assistant, programming, batch processing and visual modelling.

Leading support
It provides quick response times by experts and an online help center.

Unique and effective editing tools

The MDE offers a simple, less expensive and more efficient way to produce land models for ortomosaics. The adjustments are immediately observed without having to reprocess the entire environment. The editing is faster, easier and does not require 3D stereo equipment nor does it need to regenerate and revise the environments again.

Thanks to Smart GeoFill you can copy and paste the images in a georeferenced way. Improve and retouch the orthomosaics while maintaining a complete georeferencing, a combination of channels and a bit depth. Using a simple polygon section in your images, you can select, copy and paste the best parts of the images in your final mosaic. This function extends to the MDE Geomatics and the production of ortomosaics, or it can be used to improve any type of overlapping images.

Along with the automatic color balancing and the placement of cutting lines for the mosaics, satisfactory results are achieved thanks to the global and local exposure correction, to the contrast adjustment (sigma), as well as to the points of evasion throughout the cut points or inside the images. Integral workflows and interfaces eliminate the need for post-mosaic editing in other software.

Rapid and precise calculation model

The features such as automated GCP and the collection of connection points, the selection of multiple points and the ability to calculate absolute models, relative or combined, offer everything that is needed to obtain fast and accurate results. EXIF tags and flight line angles make the project configuration simple, and with the editing tools, image deactivation function and detailed reporting, you can save time when reviewing orthophotos.

Geomatics Platform

Geomatics is an advanced modular platform designed to cover the needs of any activity related to the treatment of geospatial images in a company or institution. It presents: more than 550 geospatial functions optimized for performance and precision, assembled and integrated to support image analysis, production of ortomosaics, and automation of workflows. All its features are indicated to develop new geospatial applications, generate smart commercial products or to customize your product according to the market demand.

Developer zone

The online developer zone contains all the help and resources you need to drive and take advantage of Geomatics and take advantage of all custom uses and workflows.

  • Start guide
  • SDK Documents
  • Geomatics Manual
  • Tutorials and videos
  • Developer forum

MED extraction in high resolution

High-quality, high-resolution digital elevation models are obtained with the use of sensors more easily and quickly than ever. It is possible to work with stereo pairs of 100 or 1000s, billions of LIDAR points, contour lines and other elevation data to create fluid elevation models in high resolution.

Processing and analysis of advanced radar

The SAR is suitable for many uses due to its ability to collect good resolution images in all weather or lighting conditions. The Geomatics Radar Ortho Suite is specially designed for the orthorectification and for the MDE extraction of radar data and the result that it produces combines perfectly with other optical and microwave sensors as well as vector data to maximize the delivery of information. In addition to the Geomatics Radar Ortho Suite fully integrated together with the SAR Polarimetry Workstation is a complete toolkit to develop techniques that allow applying SAR polarimetry to terrestrial monitoring tasks and resource management.

This software reads the radiometric and geometric metadata in order to offer a selection, analysis and data-processing tools designed specifically for SAR polarimetric data.

Geomatics for education

It is a software package designed to help students, researchers and teachers to visualize, investigate and analyze geographic and spatial information. The Geomatics package for Education groups base modules, with optional and advanced complements for atmospheric correction and special SAR polarimetry for the academic field. License options are available for students, laboratories, departments, and for full academic institutions.

Practical packages

Geomatics allows you to acquire your tools in simple packages, which allows you to buy according to the needs that an entity requires or specifically the execution of a project.

  • Geomatics Core: it is the standard product and offers dynamic solutions for all types of desktop geomatics applications.
  • Geomatics Prime: includes the full range of Geomatics Core solutions and other additional tools.

Uses And Applications

  • Mapping.
  • Agriculture, forestry and forest management.
  • Mining and soil (oil and gas exploration).
  • Management of natural disasters.
  • Coastal surveillance.
  • Defense and security.
  • Mapping of assets and resources.
  • Urban planning.
  • Real estate property management.