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We execute projects aimed at improving the urban conditions, assess the public transparency processes and design strategies for smart city projects and the sustainable development of the cities and territories. Turnkey projects!


The use of new information technologies and the training of professional teams allows us to offer services in accordance with new needs and standards within the scope or urban planning.

Solutions and Services

  • Preparation of proposals for Smart City proposals.
  • Preparation of Sustainable Urban Development Strategies (EDUSI).
  • Generation of standardized content in the planning phase.
  • Dissemination of urban planning by Internet.
  • Generation of advanced consulting services for the citizen.
  • Consultancy services for the improvement of urban heritage conditions.
  • Development of planning applications.
  • Urban feasibility studies.

References to projects:

“Conectando Oviedo” Strategic Sustainable Urban Development. (Oviedo City Council).