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Customized training

At ENCLAVE we are experts in developing customized training projects. We begin with a previous analysis with the client which lets us detect training needs which can then be used to develop a personalized training plan, both in reference to defining the pedagogical contents and training methodologies, as well as the teaching modes.

Our services are not limited to the training plan design but also its execution. At ENCLAVE we provide our clients with all the resources necessary to fully develop their training plans: Both human resources, in the form of experts to provide training in the planned topics, as well as technical resources such as e-learning platforms, digital learning tools and necessary equipment.

We implement quality assurance measures for all our services and tools during the entire process, in order to study the satisfaction levels of our clients, as well as the results achieved in our training projects. All of this helps us to improve our work methods and guarantee the effectiveness of our services.

Our personalized training projects are targeted towards different organizations and user collectives:

  • In Company training projects meant for employees in private firms
  • Training projects for Public Administration employees
  • Training projects meant for end-users financed by organizations and public institutions
  • Training projects for Universities
  • Training projects for professional associations
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