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Training for Employment

Through ENCLAVE, which is our training institute registered with the Spanish Public Employment Service, we participate in different training initiatives of the Subsystem of Vocational Training for Employment.

Our organization conducts several Vocational Training programmes, both at the state as well as the regional levels, training a large number of students every year in subjects included in the Training Specializations Index of the Public Employment Service. Within this context, we also impart training for obtaining Certificates of Professional Competence, as we possess official accreditation for more than 60 different specialities.

Not only do we have officially recognised classrooms in our training centres at Boecillo (Valladolid), (Valladolid), Murcia and Cartagena, but we also have an officially certified e-learning platform as well as agreements with numerous centres all over Spain for both in-class and distance learning.

  • TRAINING PLANS FOR EMPLOYED WORKERS: Each Plan consists of a series of sectoral or intersectoral training activities, focusing primarily on currently employed workers, designed to offer them a long-term education in order to guarantee their professional growth and improve productivity by endowing them with new professional skills.
  • YOUTH TRAINING PROJECTS: These consist primarily of training activities designed especially for young people in order to equip all those who participate in these activities with professional skills to enter the labour market. It can include, in many cases, the development of professional practices that complement the theoretical and practical training received in the training centre.
  • ICT TRAINING PROGRAMMES: It aims to develop training activities specifically designed to improve professional skills related to technological changes and digital transformation, and is intended mainly for currently employed workers.
  • TRAINING ACTIVITIES FOR THE UNEMPLOYED: It deals with training activities destined specifically for unemployed participants in order to professionally certify them in new skills that boost their insertion into the labour market.
  • ORIENTATION, TRAINING AND LABOUR INSERTION PROJECTS: It deals with complete programmes tailored to the needs of unemployed persons that include in-class training activities as well as individualized attention to labour guidance and insertion, provided by experts. Not only do our participants acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in the classroom but also in actual companies, thus acquainting themselves with the work reality, environment and the requirements of each job position that they receive training for.
  • TRAINING ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE REGISTERED WITH THE YOUTH GUARANTEE SCHEME: Training initiatives for young people who are registered in the National Youth Guarantee System in order to boost their employability and insertion in the labour market.