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Asbestos roof census

2022 marks the end of the voluntary period for the removal of asbestos in the European Union

2022 marks the end of the voluntary period for the removal of asbestos in the European Union and by 2028 its total removal must have become effective. All the town councils of Spain will be forced to prepare a census of locations with asbestos, including a calendar that plans the removal of this carcinogenic material. In 2033 the European Union will be declared an Asbestos Free Area

COTESA's AGEO (Análisis Geoespacial y Observación de la Tierra – Geospatial Analysis and Earth Observation) department has generated an algorithm for detecting asbestos roofs using very high spatial resolution (VHR) satellite images. This solution allows asbestos to be inventoried so that organizations can control and plan its removal and reduce its impact on human health.

  • Own algorithm based on AI.
  • Customizable with specific training for each city.
  • Tool valid for more than 500 square km.
  • Online viewer service with results.
  • Accuracy higher than 90%.

Asbestos roof census Mahón

  • Automatic and fast updating of the inventory with Asbestos infrastructures.
  • Control of removed plaques and substitutions of asbestos material.
  • Cost savings compared to air flights and field visits.
  • Applicable anywhere in the world.

City of Madrid. COTESA has inventoried all asbestos roofs for the Madrid City Council using satellite images.

Case of success. Image of Orcasitas with asbestos areas detected.


  • Satellite image
  • Advanced remote sensing
  • Artificial intelligence

Thanks to this project, technicians and municipal managers can make decisions related to the removal of asbestos in a city.

Aurelio García, Head of AGEO

Aurelio García Rochera
Director of the AGEO Area (Geospatial Analysis and Earth Observation)
(+34) 672713292