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Jornada sobre Modelación Numérica en Ingeniería De Presas

Date: Monday, November 25th 2019

Tecopysa will participate in this important engineering event at the College of Civil Engineers on November 25th. The company will collaborate in the Conference with two different but equally relevant interventions. The first intervention will discuss the importance of images taken by drones, as well as their integration into the monitoring system. The speaker will demonstrate his significant experience as this technique is well used by our organization and it can be very beneficial in order to achieve accurate images of the infrastructure, allowing an optimal and accurate decision making. The second intervention will be part of the Block of Dams in the Design and Construction phase, and it will refer to the Seismic Calculation of the Coaque Dam, in Ecuador, which is an area of high seismicity and thus, worth of discussion.

The Conference will include many other interesting interventions of various companies in the civil engineering sector and it will provide a networking space for new business relations, opportunities and collaborations. The event will undoubtedly be significant for Tecopysa and for all those attending.


Conference on Numerical Modelling in Dam Engineering program