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Highest resolution image achieved by Cotesa

Grupo Tecopy’s technology company has developed the ‘IRIX8 algorithm’ and achieves images that make it possible to ‘monitor’ the transformation of any territory: from changes occurring in urban areas to the evolution of vegetation around railways or electrical corridors.

Cotesa, Grupo Tecopy’s technology company, has gone a step further in the improvement of satellite images and has achieved an equation that allows obtaining a very high resolution of such images.

Original satellite image (S2), taken in April 2021 Highest resolution image achieved by Cotesa
On the left, original satellite image (S2), taken in April 2021; on the right, the highest resolution image achieved by Cotesa.

Specifically, the company’s AGEO department (Geospatial Analysis and Earth Observation) has developed the IRIX8 algorithm based on ‘convolutional neural networks’, specifically GANs (Generative Adversarial Network). This algorithm makes it possible to generate very high spatial resolution images, with x8 detail magnification, from medium resolution Sentinel images, which come from the European Copernicus Earth Observation program and are free of charge.
In this way, Cotesa has made available to its customers -companies and public institutions- a more efficient service at a lower cost, which allows monitoring the transformation of an urban area, for example, or the evolution of vegetation in critical areas, such as railways or high or medium voltage power lines; that is, a clear improvement in classification techniques by providing high resolution images every five days.

Foundational commitment to innovation

The CEO of Grupo Tecopy, Roberto García, highlighted the “added value provided by this new step taken by Cotesa to improve service to its customers, as a result of the commitment made by the Group since its foundation to invest 5% of its budget in R&D&I every year”.
As a consequence of this, he added, “is the fact that Cotesa has for years been among the companies that carry out the most specialized work required by European institutions, both in the defense and civil sectors”.

More advantages, in addition to the price

This new technological proposal from Cotesa, which can support or replace the current on-site surveillance services, offers a high degree of efficiency and allows very rigorous monitoring, thanks to the incorporation of artificial intelligence and robotic learning techniques.
According to Aurelio García Rochera, director of the AGEO area at Cotesa, this new proposal for the generation of very high resolution images offers great advantages over the procedures followed until now.
Among them -he said-, the possibility of obtaining weekly images of every part of the world, at a lower price than the VHR and the fact of being able to have an archive since 2017.