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COTESA, Unidad de Negocio de Tecnologías Aplicadas, logra adjudicarse el concurso público del IDAE para la recopilación de datos de consumo energético en una muestra representativa de hogares a lo largo de 2022

The Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDEA, Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía) begins the preparation of statistics on biomass, biogas and waste. The service for the preparation of biomass, biogas and waste statistics will be aimed at analyzing the energy consumption of these energy sources in all consumer sectors: industry, households, commerce and services, transport and energy transformation.

To prepare this statistical service, our business unit, Centro de Observación y Teledección SAU – COTESA, has been the winner of the public tender, and will be in charge of collecting energy consumption data in a representative sample of homes throughout 2022, and address the rest of the sectors such as industry and services with interviews with associations and companies in the sector.

The increasing contribution of renewable energies to energy supply, together with the need to carry out adequate planning in line with national and EU commitments on Energy and Climate Change, makes it necessary to have detailed and reliable statistics on these sources. energetic. Although for the group of renewable energies destined to the production of electricity there is a set of statistical operations that facilitate its periodic updating, the same does not happen with those destined to satisfy thermal energy demands.
In addition to the absence of a common regulatory regime, such as the one in force for electrical renewables, there is a highly fragmented market with numerous actors, which makes it difficult to establish classic statistical operations such as those that have been used in other sectors. Furthermore, the update of the EU Energy Statistics Regulation and the ongoing work in the EUROSTAT Methodology Task Force make it necessary for sectoral information to be reported at a significantly more detailed level of detail than currently exists.

COTESA, Applied Technologies Business Unit, manages to win the IDAE public tender for the collection of energy consumption data in a representative sample of households throughout 2022

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