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COTESA conducted the first drone (UAV) flight in the development of the ECOEXTREM project “Support System for Precision Agriculture and Decision Making for Tomato Cultivation”.
On 12 July, COTESA began collecting data and monitoring the control plots (3 plots for a total of 65 hectares) where tomatoes are grown on the La Jarilla estate located in the village of Gargáligas (Badajoz).
Collaboration from the La Jarilla estate is essential to the project development as they have field data records (soil analytics, moisture sensors, etc.) which will be used along with the drone images captured by COTESA to build a robust model that correlates all the variables.
An eBee Ag fixed-wing drone by the Swiss company sensFly equipped with a thermal multispectral RGB camera was used to capture the images as it enables capturing images with great spatial and time accuracy.