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COTESA ha elaborado el Plan director de Calpe como destino turístico inteligente

The Town Council of Calpe has approved the Framework Plan as a Smart Tourism Destination, an ambitious project created by COTESA aimed at turning the municipality into a more sustainable place with technology.

The project revolves around five major areas: innovation with initiatives that range from brand reinforcement to creating a 21st century tourist office, accessibility with projects to improve physical and digital accessibility and open access to tourism data, sustainability and governance with citizen participation actions, a revision of the tourism strategy and the creation of municipal services lists.

The technology related action lines cover information and marketing with digital signage systems, a tourism reservation centre, an enhanced platform to promote Calpe and connectivity, sensor systems and data acquisition with tourist control panels, smart signage and various data acquisition tools.

Data acquisition is made possible with certain tools that will reveal the electricity and water consumption indices and the waste generation rates as well as the traffic levels and noise maps so actions can be taken for more sustainable tourism management.

The Plan approved by the Town Council of Calpe plenary marks the start of a consensus process with all stakeholders involved in the municipality’s tourism development which will seek to enrich and improve the content and implementation thereof.