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Cotesa desarrolla el Sistema de Inteligencia Turística para la provincia de Cádiz formando UTE con Telefónica

Cádiz te hace libre

Last Tuesday 28th September in Chiclana, the Provincial Council of Cadiz presented the implementation of the Tourism Intelligence System of the province of Cadiz, coinciding with the events of the World Tourism Day.

Our business unit, Centro de Observación y Teledetección Espacial S.A.U. – COTESA, in a joint venture with Telefónica, has been awarded the contract to implement the Tourism Intelligence System for the province of Cadiz.

This project will provide a better understanding of the origin and behaviour of the tourists who visit the province and thus enable the most appropriate decisions to be taken for the sustainability and future of the sector.

The President of the Provincial Council of Cádiz and other authorities of the province and the region have highly valued this initiative, which will provide precise knowledge about the demand for tourism in the province and the acceptance of tourist services, so that the best and most accurate decisions can be made about the sector.

The initiative includes the creation of a mobile tourism application, a virtual voice assistant, new audiovisual content, the evolution of the website, survey tools and data analysis tables from social networks and the information provided by the 300 sensors that will be installed throughout the province to track the movement of visitors.

With all these components, this project aims to promote the transformation of the province of Cadiz within the framework of sustainability, accessibility and included in the environment of SDG 11 on smart and sustainable cities, achieving a smart tourist destination that provides travellers with a more personalised offer of the province, more attractive, of greater interest and therefore, allowing the management bodies to make more agile and more accurate decisions.