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Cotesa realiza su primer webinar internacional de Tala y Poda

Last Thursday, June 16, our colleagues Rubén Burón and Javier Becerra from the Geospatial Analysis and Earth Observation – “Análisis Geoespacial y Observación de la Tierra” (AGEO) area of Centro de Observación y Teledetección Espacial S.A.U.– COTESA, gave their first international webinar related to “VEGETATION MANAGEMENT FOR POWER LINE CORRIDOR WITH SATELLITE IMAGES ”.

In this webinar they presented the combination of satellite images and artificial intelligence algorithms ( deep-learning and machine – learning ) developed by Cotesa , which optimizes the management of 2D and 3D vegetation along hundreds of kilometers of height and corridor lines. medium voltage.

The flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of remote sensing techniques allow utilities to inspect their infrastructure more frequently to mitigate vegetation-related risks, build predictive models, spot potential hazards before they occur, and optimize harvesting and pruning.

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