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Cotesa lanza una tecnología que permite gestionar la afluencia de público en edificios y áreas de uso colectivo para reforzar la seguridad sanitaria
  • CpC ’is a project developed by the technology company Grupo Tecopy
  • With a very simple, non-intrusive implementation, it monitors the status of the capacity in real time thanks to the processing of images using artificial vision and ‘deep learning’ algorithms.
  • Information on the occupancy levels of the different areas may also be available to customers and users through their mobile

Cotesa, the technology company of Grupo Tecopy, has developed a tool based on artificial vision technology and image processing algorithms, which allows managing the influx of people to certain centers and areas of collective use, in order to strengthen health security in accordance with the regulations implemented as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

To this end, Cotesa has launched its project ‘Counting People Counting ©’ (CpC), a non-intrusive technology for detecting and monitoring people in real time, based on image processing using ‘deep learning’ algorithms. high data volume).

‘CpC’ detects and labels each person anonymously by processing the images of existing cameras in the establishment. It is based on a SaaS model (Software as a Service) and can be accompanied by standard SW tools (App or web viewer) or designed as they add value, as reported by Darío Quintana, head of the Consulting and Studies area of Cotesa.

In this way, the managers of the center —and the clients or the public, where appropriate— have real data on the influx and concentration of people, which allows them to access the place with the confidence of having the necessary prior information in this regard. The managers of the center can detect possible crowds in real time, as well as monitor the maintenance of the necessary distances between people.

This technological tool developed by Cotesa strictly respects European privacy laws and regulations (General Data Protection Regulation), since at no point in the process is there any treatment of personal data or impairment of people’s privacy. No images are stored, but are automatically deleted after processing by the detection algorithms.

This technology is effective in shopping centers, leisure centers, public transport stations, outpatient clinics and other health centers, any type of facility for public or collective use, as well as specific urban areas (areas of tourist interest, beaches, parks, etc.).

Since ‘CpC’ is not an intrusive technology, its installation is simple and its cost is very accessible

From the phone

Regarding the modes of use, ‘CpC’ operates in a similar way to a mobile application, which offers constant information, which facilitates the immediate intervention of those responsible for the center, so that the influx of people does not represent any at any time health risk.

In addition, it can also be integrated with a system of variable messaging panels, which inform the user about variations of interest in the volume of occupation of the different areas of their environment