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Cotesa participa en la Feria Internacional de Defensa y Seguridad FEINDEF en Madrid

Our technology business unit, Centro de Observación y Teledetección Espacial S.A.U. – COTESA, was present last week at the International Defence and Security Fair FEINDEF in Madrid.

FEINDEF is the reference forum that encompasses the defence and security sector in Spain, to innovate, cooperate internationally and share knowledge between companies, institutions, universities and other organizations, as a global response to Security.

FEINDEF will provide different methodologies and levels of access to the new European defence market, reinforcing the implementation of initiatives in the fields of research, capability development, boosting investment in the European defence supply chain and the creation of the Single European Defence Market.

Cotesa has been present at FEINDEF through the Xunta de Galicia with whom we have worked on LMAPP projects, and we have also had the opportunity to share ideas related to geospatial analysis and Earth observation with customers and partners in the defence and security sector, such as CEGET, CIFAS, Hisdesat and Telefónica, among others.

LMAPP is a proprietary tool that allows the automation of high-resolution land cover mapping. It is a tool designed in open source software, which allows the semi-automation of land cover and habitat typology mapping with greater precision and recurrence than the current existing mapping, as it only depends on the arrangement of VHR images.

In addition, some of our colleagues had the opportunity to talk with General Martínez Meijide and Commander Martín Corrochano of the Military Emergency Unit about the applications developed by Cotesa in the field of Geospatial Analysis to assist the MEU, in the fantastic work they do when it comes to fires, floods, snowfalls and landslides.

Let’s keep fighting for defence and security!

Cotesa participates in the International Defence and Security Fair FEINDEF in Madrid