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COTESA participa en el Smart City Expo World Congress 2016

COTESA actively participated in the Smart City Expo World Congress held in Barcelona from 15th to 17th November 2016, as a member of the public/private collaboration platform Smart City Valladolid and Palencia (Smart City VyP).

During the Congress, SmartCity VyP organized a series of workshops where the latest trends in the Smart City concept were discussed and debated by members and companies that collaborate with the Platform. COTESA (Tecopy Group) participated in these sessions with two presentations. One was on Smart Mobility and it was presented by Carlos Morán, Advanced Technology Solutions Manager, and the other was entitled Smart Citizen and was presented by Alfonso Pedriza, Systems Manager.

In addition to the presence of the most important technology companies in the sector, the latest Smart City projects being carried out around the world were exhibited at the Congress. To this end, the City of Palencia presented its Smart City proposal and strategy which has included the participation of COTESA and was selected by as the beneficiary of funding for its development.

The opening and closing ceremonies were presided over by the Mayor of Palencia, Mr Alfonso Polanco, and by the General Councillor for the Tax Administration, Public Service and Promotion of the City of Valladolid, Mr Juan Antonio Gato.