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COTESA acudirá al Geospatial Intelligence for National Security (GDI) en Londres, el mayor evento de inteligencia geospacial del mundo

DGI – Geospatial Intelligence for National Security is the world’s largest Geospatial Intelligence event, where security, defense and intelligence experts and professionals from all countries will meet. They will to share the evolution of Geospacial technology and how it is applied to intelligence for the security of nations evolves. It will take place from January 20 to 22 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London and Tecopy Group will attend this important event to learn about the advances and opportunities offered by this sector.

This event brings together a multitude of companies from different sectors that it will try to show the latest developments in this field through Geospatial Intelligence and similar technologies. It is a relevant meeting for our organization, where we will try to gather useful information for the improvement of our projects and services and it will allow us to capture opportunities and contacts. This utilities will benefit Grupo Tecopy.

Different activities will be carried out, such as working tables with different companies and public administrations from different countries, presentations and demonstrations in real time to energize the meeting.

Our Technologies Division, Cotesa, as specialists in geospatial analysis and remote sensing technologies, could not miss this important event which takes place every year. Surely, it will be a meeting full of successes and very profitable for our organization.

If you wish, you can follow the full news of the event in the following hashtag: #DGIEUROPE20