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La línea de Consultoría y Estudios de Cotesa realiza un importante proyecto para el Ayuntamiento de Puente Genil

The project consisted of drawing up a catalogue of 59 municipal roads with a total length of 140 km in the town of Puente Genil in the province of Cordoba.

This project was directed by our colleague Miguel Fiz, and involved specialized work to identify, characterize and define this network of roads. A file has been drawn up for each road, which includes measurements, technical characteristics, a description of the environment and thematic cartography. The digitalization has been carried out using Geographic Information Systems.

Due to the nature of the Project, field work has had a significant weight, and has included, among other tasks, the recording of videos from a vehicle and interviews with the owners of the adjoining properties.

The work also includes a diagnosis of the network of paths, with the aim of drawing up a Management Proposal for the future maintenance of the Path, with an estimation of their cost.

This project is worth more than 21,000 euros and has been co-financed by the Cordoba Provincial Council. This inventory carried out by Cotesa has already been approved by the Town Council, as it was submitted for final approval at the plenary session on 31 May.