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COTESA visita el Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina

COTESTA visited the Marine Hydrographic Institute in Cadiz on 15th November. This visit is part of the strategy to expand services aimed at safety and defence. During the visit, we were able to present our technology solutions and establish areas of collaboration we hope will be more specifically developed in future contracts.

The Institute’s mission is to ensure navigational safety as far as obtaining and disseminating information on the sea and coastlines and contributing to the progress of Nautical Science:

  • Hydrographic surveys and studies of the underwater relief along our coasts and in our maritime areas as well as other areas assumed as a result of its commitment to the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) where it represents the Spanish State.
  • The systematic observation and study of tides and currents, the temperature and acoustic and electromagnetic propagation of the water, the weather and, in general, all physical phenomena that affect navigation.
  • The production of Nautical Charts and drafting of navigation assistance books and documents as well as the publication and distribution thereof.
  • The gathering of data and news on environmental alterations and navigation assistance and dangers which are disseminated through navigator alerts to update nautical charts and publications.
  • The establishment of the characteristics and specifications for onboard nautical tools for La Armada ships and the issuance of guarantee certificates and compass homologation.
  • The completion of all geographic and hydrographic work of interest for La Armada as well as any research programmes assigned by the La Armada Research and Development Department.
  • It is also responsible for training all of La Armada hydrographic personnel in all categories.