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Proyecto DIGIPAL – Ciudad Inteligente Palencia

Our Applied Technologies business unit, Cotesa, has been working on the DIGIPAL project of the City Council of Palencia, within the framework of the Call for Smart Cities of, co-financed with FEDER funds.

Within this interesting initiative, Cotesa has been in charge of developing Component 5 – Smart Tourism, which includes several technological developments for the tourist diffusion of the capital of Palencia, among them:

Cotesa has also developed and put into operation a system for capturing tourism data and a control panel for tourism information that will help to improve management and decision making related to tourism in the city.

A few days ago, the City Council of Palencia made the official presentation of the new tourism strategy of the city and the new dissemination tools (web portal and mobile applications).

Visit the video on the YouTube channel of the City Council of Palencia to have more details of all the tools created!

These developments are a new success case of our Applied Technologies Unit, Cotesa, whose business lines, besides focusing on the development of technologies applied to the field of Tourism and Smart Cities, are also specialized in various fields (consulting, remote sensing, smart municipal services, urban mobility, etc.) where technological solutions are necessary for the improvement and optimization of processes and strategies to be implemented.