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Tecopysa Cotesa Enclave Fundación Tecopy
Enclave Formación iniciará un proyecto en consorcio con varias empresas y centro de FP.

The project called “Escuela Infantil Virtual: aprendiendo sobre el escenario real” deals with the development of a digital didactic environment on 360º scenarios. Environments will be recorded on the different rooms of the center (food area, cleaning and hygiene area, care and rest area and recreational and stimulation area), in these rooms you will find elements with which to interact and identify their use in the care of the babies, a video will also be included in which a procedure of attention and care of the children is shown.

The project has a great formative and academic relevance since it has some objectives that go hand in hand with those competences that are intended to be developed in a child educator, all of them related to adequate care and support for children and the generation of safe and loving environments for children.

Enclave Formación will be part of the project, contributing its experience and know-how as a technological consultant in the field of education with more than 20 years of experience. In particular, in this project they will contribute by:

  1. Carrying out the initial consultancy, programming and techno-pedagogical design of the content pills in virtual reality, in coordination with the teaching teams of the educational centers.
  2. Developing the scripts and recordings of the 360º scenarios as well as the additional pedagogical resources that will be part of the virtual nursery school.
  3. Developing the virtual reality scenario with the recorded resources and configuring and implementing pedagogical interactions in the scenes thanks to its SimplyVR tool.
  4. Making available the virtual platform for hosting and displaying content, as well as providing technical assistance to its users.