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Grupo Tecopy realiza el primer concurso interno relacionado con el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente

At Grupo Tecopy we know the importance of caring for the environment, that is why we wanted to get involved with this special day and pay homage by creating our first internal World Environment Day contest.

With the purpose of cheering up the daily routine, providing them with a little distraction and fun, now that such an important date is approaching, it is intended to raise awareness about planetary emergency problems: global warming, habitat loss and pollution and others of a similar nature, we wanted to promote this voluntary activity involving the group of professionals that make up the Grupo Tecopy staff; the activity has been designed so that creativity and imagination can be expressed, through a design, a drawing, a creation, simple but direct and fun!

World Environment Day is next June 5, and for that date we will show you the winner of the proposal!

We encourage you to participate by sending your proposal to!