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Roberto García. CEO Grupo TecopyBAJA

Turnover exceeded 12.7 million euros and almost 5% of the aggregate budget was allocated to innovation projects.

Roberto García, CEO of Grupo Tecopy: “Thanks to the dedication of the staff, the efforts made in innovation and the application of new technologies as a transversal strategy in all business lines, the company has been able to practically maintain its turnover”.

“More dedication, more innovation and more technology”. These are the keys that explain the 2020 financial year for Grupo Tecopy, in the words of its CEO, Roberto García.

“Thanks to the dedication of the entire staff, the effort made in innovation and the application of new technologies as a transversal strategy in all business lines, Grupo Tecopy has been able to practically maintain its turnover in a year as complex as 2020,” said Roberto García.

Grupo Tecopy, which operates in the areas of engineering, new technologies and training, achieved a turnover of over 12.7 million euros in 2020. This was slightly lower than the previous year’s figure, which, despite the increase in costs, enabled the Group to maintain a positive result for the year.

In addition, in accordance with one of its founding commitments, Tecopy allocated 650,000 euros to innovation in 2020, almost 5% of the group’s aggregate budget, an amount that will rise to 685,000 euros in this fiscal year 2021.

However, according to Roberto García, “the top priority of Grupo Tecopy has been – and continues to be – the health of all employees,” whose number rose to over 150 professionals last year.

SGDs, energy and water infrastructure

Grupo Tecopy has launched a master plan to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its overall business strategy, which is developed mainly through its three business units: engineering (Tecopysa), applied technologies (Cotesa) and training (Enclave).

Tecopysa has become a reference in the road maintenance consultancy service, especially with the different administrations, due to the incorporation of new technological tools.

Grupo Tecopy engineering has used the skills acquired over the years in the world of infrastructure and water to export this knowledge to other countries, which has led to its consolidation in the international market, with a stable presence in the European Union, Cameroon, Morocco, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

Tecopysa’s diversification process has allowed it to offer services in areas as diverse as energy, environment and water resources.

Thus, the company participates in the revision of the third cycle of the hydrological plans (2022-2027), in the drafting of hydraulic infrastructure projects, in the management of some areas within the river basin districts or in the development of complex calculation models to support the drafting of projects or the supervision of works.

As for energy services -whose main activity is the design and management of works in the traditional fields of industrial engineering and, above all, in renewable energies- it manages industrial and building installations, outdoor lighting renovations, renewable energy projects, photovoltaic self-consumption installations or energy efficiency projects, as well as energy audits, energy management of buildings and specific studies of machinery performance and industrial refrigeration installations.

Technology in the midst of a pandemic

A very important part of the Group’s sales is based on the activity of its technology company, Cotesa, which offers services related to land management through the use of geographic information systems and spatial remote sensing, expert in smart city projects, mobility, geospatial analysis (satellite and drones) and information systems.

Cotesa develops highly specialized works for European institutions, both in the defense and civilian fields; projects of ‘3D modeling’ of 900 cities across Europe for the European Environment Agency (EEA), as well as highly innovative services linked to the new smart city model.

Among the latter, it is worth highlighting some that have been particularly well received in this period of health crisis, such as ‘Conteo People Counting’, to manage the influx of people in centers and areas of collective use; ‘Mi provincia, tu destino’, whose objective is to promote tourism, especially in rural areas, which received the award for ‘Best ICT Project of Innovadores 2020’; or ‘Parqueo’, to facilitate parking in areas as complex as historic city centers.

An innovative proposal that also characterizes the training business unit, Enclave, dedicated to training and technology consulting, applied to education and specialized in the implementation of e-learning solutions and the development of digital content.

In line with the Group’s culture, Enclave has also intensified the use of new technologies in the scope of its activity, incorporating the new opportunities offered by artificial intelligence or augmented reality.