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Tecopysa Cotesa Enclave Fundación Tecopy
GRUPO TECOPY participa en la Comisión de Sostenibilidad que impulsa la Fundación EXECYL entre sus asociados

This Commission is created among the Foundation’s associates, with the aim of exchanging experiences in sustainability matters, in any of its economic, social and environmental aspects.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are raised as strategic and transversal pillars in all organizations, and for this reason, this Commission will be especially enriching because it brings together various companies from a multitude of sectors, with a good number of experiences to tell and discuss. It will be led by Calidad Pascual and Galletas Gullón with the support of Ambinor.

At the launch meeting on June 8, the professional Isabel López, co-founder and General Director of Canvas Strategias Sostenibles, was in charge of presenting a relevant report on trends in reputation and management of intangibles; The report is called “Approching the future 2021” and perfectly summarizes the most important and trending fields in the broad field of sustainability. Responsible leadership models, climate change, post-covid business adaptation, the Sustainable Development Goals or good corporate governance, among others, occupy a prominent place in the various rankings shown in this comprehensive and interesting study.

From Grupo Tecopy we congratulate Execyl for a new initiative so considered by the companies that are part of the Foundation.