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Grupo Tecopy refuerza su posicionamiento tecnológico consiguiendo un contrato de casi 1,3 millones de la Xunta de Galicia

Cotesa, the Tecopy Group applied technology company, was awarded a contract from Xunta de Galicia regional government through the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) for land use dynamics monitoring and territorial planning with a total budget of nearly 1.3 million euros.

The contract is part of the innovative public procurement plan ‘Civil UAVs Initiative’ which was launched by the Galician government for the use of unmanned aerial systems for civil purposes and to improve the provision of public services. To develop this plan, the Xunta relies on leading technology companies like Tecopy-Cotesa which has a strategic plan that emphasizes the application of cutting-edge technologies to achieve outstanding products and services as a result of its commitment of more than 20 years to R+D+i.

The solution proposed by Cotesa under a temporary joint venture with the Galician companies Altia and Aeromedia consists of creating a platform (Tierra 3) for semi-automatic mapping of land use in Galicia as well as its habitats of European interest with greater precision and recurrence than is currently done.

The ‘Tierra 3’ platform includes data captured by sensors carried in UAVs/RPAs (unmanned remote-controlled aircraft) and satellite images later used to develop a series of tools that meet the analysis needs —for territorial layout and planning—  of various Galician authorities including IET (Galician Institute of Territorial and Water Studies). To do so, Cotesa will use Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
The aim is to provide the Xunta technicians that do this type of cartography with a set of applications that ease and automate data acquisition, database updating and the analysis of territorial layout and planning information.