In an increasingly global world, companies look into the future with ambition and do not see its borders need professionals who share this vision and bring along their international experience. Tecopy Group has established in the recent years a strategic plan where International is a mainstay, and following it has already developed activities in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Northern Africa. Our first international delegation is already incorporated in Bulgaria.

Our vocation is to work with companies based in different target countries, becoming a partner that provides value through the experience gained over years in Spain, establishing long term relationships with our international partners. We face the internationalization process in three ways:

  • Spot projects: tenders and projects / services abroad coming from specific opportunities without needing to open a permanent office, and whose origin is not of a stable agreement with a partner in the destination country.
  • Sales representatives: make of tenders and projects / services abroad in a country where there is a stable agreement with a partner site in the destination country.
  • Productive delegations: make of deals and projects / services abroad in a country where we establish a permanent office (either agency or subsidiary)

Our professionals are eager to demonstrate their excellence wherever necessary, and we hope to have more professionals to join us and embark on this exciting project.


Mapa Internacional del Grupo Tecopy