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Grupo Tecopy Cartera Empresarial S.L. (hereinafter GRUPO TECOPY, which is also the equivalent of all its subsidiaries, holding companies or enterprises in the group it leads) is a Spanish company with a registered address of C/Antracita, Nº 7, Módulo 17, 28045 Madrid (Spain).  It is assigned tax identification number B84071935, and is registered with the Trade Register of Madrid in Volume 20,386; Folio 111; Section 8; Page M-360558; Entry 1 and has the following contact details:

USERS of the Internet Portal are hereby informed of the Personal Data Protection Policy and Terms of Use thereof:

GRUPO TECOPY wishes to preserve and guarantee all USERS’ personal data privacy. Therefore, it informs all USERS through this Legal Notice of its Privacy and Data Protection Policy so they may completely freely and voluntarily decide whether they wish to provide GRUPO TECOPY with their personal data.

GRUPO TECOPY will make this Notice available to USERS so they may access it in advance as well as any other relevant information relating to Personal Data Protection so they may grant their consent to the automatic processing done by GRUPO TECOPY.

GRUPO TECOPY hereby reserves the right to modify this Notice either to adapt it to any regulations, laws or jurisprudence issued or to new industry practices. If such a modification is made, GRUPO TECOPY will publish the modification on this page or on a similar one.

Websites may be subject to Special Terms relating to specific data protection provisions; therefore, the USER is asked to read them in advance.


The USER hereby authorizes and grants consent to GRUPO TECOPY to use and process any personal data provided electronically. To this end, the personal data provided may be subject of automatic processing and included in files owned by GRUPO TECOPY. USERS may expressly reject the automatic processing of any personal data provided. Likewise, they may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection in writing and attaching a copy of their national identity document or passport under the terms of Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, approving the Regulations implementing Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December on Personal Data Protection.

Automatic personal data collection and processing via the Website may serve two different purposes:

  • Employment at GRUPO TECOPY: your personal data will be included in the PERSONNEL file.
  • Maintenance of commercial relations: for the purpose of providing the USER with all information on GRUPO TECOPY of interest, always upon their request.

GRUPO TECOPY guarantees the security of all personal information and data. Thus, the Group has developed a Security Policy which states the Management’s commitment and the company’s capacity to preserve information integrity and confidentiality.

User Registration

The Website may include some services reserved exclusively for REGISTERED USERS. If a REGISTERED USER is asked for a username and access code, they undertake to save them for future use.

The username and access code may be provided to the USER or defined by them in which case they may not choose keywords or expressions that are rude, abusive, coincide with brand names, establishment signs, tradenames, business names, advertising expressions, names and pseudonyms of public or famous people when not authorized to do so and, in general, any that are contrary to the law, morality or good custom as their username.

The assignment of a username and code may be automatic and the sole criteria used for such purpose will be the non-existence of previous usernames or codes that are identical to the ones chosen by the USER. If the USER does not choose a username and/or code, they may be automatically assigned by GRUPO TECOPY.

The USER must diligently use the username and registration code and not make them available to any third party as they will be solely liable for doing so and undertake to notify GRUPO TECOPY as quickly as possible of any loss or theft thereof or the possibility of access by a third party.


GRUPO TECOPY offers access to the website under the Terms of Use described below:

Access and Users

Access to the Website attributes whomever uses it the status of USER and implies full acceptance without any reservations by the USER of each and every one of these Terms of Use.

Although the site is free of cost, GRUPO TECOPY reserves the right to condition access to some services on prior registration by the USER by completing the User Registration Form available to whomever wishes to register as a REGISTERED USER. In such cases, the personal data provided by the USER may be processed pursuant to the provisions of the chapter on Personal Data Protection and Security.

Correct Use of the Website

GRUPO TECOPY would like anyone who wishes to be able to browse the Organization’s page. GRUPO TECOPY hereby guarantees that all Content and Services offered at respect the principle of personal dignity, the principle of non-discrimination due to race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other personal or social circumstance as well as the principle of youth and child protection.

Nonetheless, the USER shall refrain from using the Website and its Services for purposes that are illegal, harm third-party rights or interests are contrary to these General Terms or any Special Terms established, as applicable.

Moreover, they will refrain from using the Website in any way that may damage, deteriorate, render useless or overload this Website and its Services or that may prevent normal use or enjoyment of this Website and/or Services by USERS.

Correct Use of the Content

The USER must use the Content correctly, legally and diligently and, in particular, undertakes to:

  • Not use the Content for purposes or effects that are contrary to the law, morality, good custom or public order.
  • Not reproduce, copy, distribute, allow public access through any means of communication or transform the Content unless authorized by the holder of the corresponding rights or legally permitted.
  • Not manipulate, evade or delete the Copyright, Legal Notice or Privacy Policy and other identification details relating to GRUPO TECOPY rights or those of its Clients as well as the technical information protection mechanisms the Content may include.
  • The USER is expressly authorized to view all information on the Website and make private copies thereof on their computer systems whenever such content is for their exclusive use and will not be assigned to any third party.


The page provides links to other websites or content owned by third parties. The sole aim of these links is to provide USERS with supplemental information through such links. GRUPO TECOPY is not liable under any circumstance for the results that may derive for the USER from accessing such links.

Moreover, anyone who wishes to create a link to this website must observe the following:

  • The link may only be directly aimed at the homepage for this Website.
  • The inclusion of a Site under frames or third-party phrases will not be permitted.
  • No inexact, incorrect or false statements or indications may be made regarding the Pages or Services and, in particular, no statement or wording may mislead anyone to believe GRUPO TECOPY authorized the link or supervised or assumed liability in any way for the content or services offered or made available at the website that established the link.
  • The website where the link is established may not include any tradename, brand, establishment sign, name, logotype, slogan or other distinctive sign belonging to GRUPO TECOPY except any signs that are a part of the link itself.
  • The website where the link is included may not show any information or content that is illegal, contrary to morality, good custom or public order or breach third-party rights.

Including a link to this Website will not under any circumstance imply any relationship between GRUPO TECOPY and the owner of the website where it is included nor the acceptance or approval of GRUPO TECOPY of the content or services.

Use of Cookie Files

GRUPO TECOPY may use cookies to facilitate browsing of the website Cookies are small data files stored on the USER’s computer that make it possible to personalize the services and content for each USER. They are anonymous files that cannot read hard drive data and the information provided will not be associated to any USER or allow the identification of their name or surnames.

However and in order to prevent the use of cookies, the USER may adjust their browser settings to be notified on the screen of the receipt of cookies files to prevent their installation on their hard drive.

Limitation of Guarantee and Liability

The USER is aware and voluntarily agrees that the use they make of this Website, its Services and Content will be their sole and exclusive responsibility. Therefore, they hereby release GRUPO TECOPY of any civil, criminal and/or administrative liability that may arise from the use they make of this Website.

GRUPO TECOPY will not be liable for any damages or harm of any nature owing to the following circumstances:

  • It will not be liable for the disclosure of personal data made in compliance with the law or applicable regulations in effect nor any modification, refusal to send or deletion of any information or material relating to personal data.
  • It will not be considered an intermediary in any transactions that may be conducted by USERS through this Website nor will it be liable for any consequences that may directly or indirectly derive from them or the services USERS may offer or provide through this Website.
  • The USER hereby specifically agrees that GRUPO TECOPY will not be liable for any unauthorized access or alteration of transfers or data provided by the USER.
  • The USER hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and compensate GRUPO TECOPY for any loss or cost including attorney fees resulting from a claim by a third party or complaint related to the use the USER makes of this Website, its Services and/or Pages.
  • Under no circumstance will GRUPO TECOPY, its shareholders, directors, management, employees or partners be considered liable towards the USER or any third party for any direct or indirect punitive, fortuitous, special, derivative or any other type of damage particularly including but not limited to any loss of profits, turnover or any other economic loss irrespective of the cause or any damages due to a loss of use, data or benefits deriving from or related to this Website, its Services and/or Pages or the use or performance thereof or the services related to the provision or non-provision of the services to the USER or third parties or any information, software, products, services and related graphics or which in any other way originate in the use of this Website, its Services and/or Pages whether the basis is contractual, non-contractual, due to negligence, objective liability or any other kind even if GRUPO TECOPY was informed of the possible occurrence of such damages.
  • The USER hereby agrees to release GRUPO TECOPY and its suppliers, service providers, agents, employees, consultants, management and directors of any claims, complaints and damages of any kind whether actual or derivative, known or unknown, disclosed or non-disclosed, deriving from or related to this Website and its Services.
  • GRUPO TECOPY hereby reserves the right to modify, disable or delete any content it believes is deceitful, confusing, harmful to any person or entity, illegal, harmful to systems and equipment with NO liability whatsoever on the part of the Organization. Likewise, GRUPO TECOPY will remove or make access to the Content impossible when a competent authority so orders. GRUPO TECOPY is also excluded from any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the transfer, disabling, dissemination, storage, receipt, acquisition, deletion, availability or access to the Content.

In accordance with all the foregoing, the USER hereby specifically agrees that GRUPO TECOPY is not liable for any content or conduct that is threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal or for any violation of others’ rights including intellectual property rights that may derive from the Content.

  • GRUPO TECOPY hereby excludes any liability for any damages of any kind that may be due to the presence of a virus or other similar element (worms, Trojan horses, time bombs, display cancellation systems, bugs, etc.) in the content that may produce alterations in the USER’s or a third party’s computer system, electronic documents or files. Likewise, GRUPO TECOPY may hold the parties guilty of such acts liable, reserving the right to take any actions deemed necessary to be compensated for any damages caused.
  • When feasible, GRUPO TECOPY may warn USERS of interruptions in the functioning of this Website. However, this is not always possible and the company does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the functioning of this Website and its Services. Therefore, GRUPO TECOPY is excluded from any liability related to damages of any kind that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of functioning, fallibility or fraudulent use by USERS that may be attributed to this Website, its Services and/or Pages and particularly but not limited to failed access to them.
  • GRUPO TECOPY is not liable for any knowledge unauthorized third parties may have of the type, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of access and use USERS make of the Website and the information and Services.
  • GRUPO TECOPY will not be liable for any circumstance (losses or otherwise) affecting the USER or a third party deriving from the loss, theft or use of any access code or password the USER has in relation to this Website, its Services and/or Pages. The USER will be fully liable for keeping any passwords related to this Website confidential.

Content provided to GRUPO TECOPY or published on any GRUPO TECOPY website

GRUPO TECOPY does not claim ownership of the Content. However, by exhibiting, uploading, writing, supplying or sending content to this Website, its Services and/or Pages, the USER grants GRUPO TECOPY permission to use it including the rights to copy, distribute, transfer, display and publicly reproduce, duplicate, modify, translate and change the format thereof and publish their name in connection with them without any limitations.

GRUPO TECOPY will not pay any compensation with respect to the use, copying, distribution, transfer, display and public reproduction, duplication, modification, translation and change of format of the Content.

GRUPO TECOPY has not obligation to send or use any Content the USER may provide.

GRUPO TECOPY may delete any Content at its sole discretion.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The images, distinctive signs, logos, structure, trademarks, designs and texts and other elements of this Website, its Services or Pages are protected by international laws and treaties on industrial and intellectual property.

The USER hereby acknowledges that the elements and tools integrated in the Website are protected by Copyright and Intellectual and Industrial Property laws as they are covered by such rights held by GRUPO TECOPY. As a result, the USER hereby undertakes to respect the Terms and conditions established by these General Terms of Use and is the sole party liable for any breach towards a third party.

Any reproduction, transfer, translation, modification, adaptation or any other form of exploitation of the elements and tools integrated in the Website as well as the Content of this Website, its Services and/or Pages in any way or through any mechanical, electronic or other means is fully prohibited without prior express authorization from GRUPO TECOPY.

Furthermore, the USER hereby acknowledges that the reproduction, modification, distribution, commercialization, decomposition, disassembly, use of reverse engineering techniques or other means to obtain the source code from the bar, transform or publish any unauthorised reference test results of any elements or tools integrated in the Website is a breach of GRUPO TECOPY’s Intellectual Property Rights and, therefore, undertakes not to engage in any of the aforementioned actions.

Any breach of these rights may lead to the corresponding out-of-court or court (civil or criminal) action.

Third parties shall be liable for the legitimacy of any industrial or intellectual property rights corresponding to the content they provide or publish.

The USER hereby undertakes not to use any Website facilities or capabilities to engage in or suggest activities prohibited by the Law or attempt to attract USERS of the service to other competing services. Likewise, the USER is liable for extending compliance with these clauses to any person they authorize to use the service.

The USER shall refrain from engaging in any conduct when using the Website that violates any Intellectual or Industrial Property Rights held by GRUPO TECOPY or third parties or which breaches or violates third parties’ honour, personal, family or image privacy rights or which is illegal or breaches morality and will always keep GRUPO TECOPY unharmed by any court or out-of-court claim filed against it as a result of such use.

GRUPO TECOPY will not be liable to any claims by a third party related to the Content the USER has decided to include at this Website, its Services and/or Pages as the USER is the sole liable party.

To preserve possible intellectual property rights, if a third party or USER believes there has been a breach of their legitimate rights with the insertion of certain content at the Website or in its Services and/or Pages, it must notify GRUPO TECOPY via the Website or address the notification to the physical addresses mentioned in the NOTIFICATIONS section.


If the USER or a third party believes any events or circumstances could be considered illegal use of any Content and/or engagement in any activity at this Website and/or with its Services and/or Pages, and, in particular, believes there has been a breach of intellectual or industrial property rights (patents, industrial models and drawings, trademarks and tradenames, etc.) or other rights, they must send GRUPO TECOPY notification via the site or write to any of the physical addresses indicated in the NOTIFICATIONS section.


Any notifications USERS wish to send to GRUPO TECOPY must follow this protocol:

REGISTERED ADDRESS: they must be sent to GRUPO TECOPY at the following address:

Avda. Príncipe de Asturias, 37-39
49011 Zamora – Spain
Phone +34 980 16 10 08
Fax +34 980 51 72 14

FORM: they shall be sent via fax, certified mail return receipt requested or any other method that leaves reliable proof of receipt by the company.

CONTENT: notifications must include the following:

  1. If a private individual:
  • The full name of the notifying person.
  • A copy of their National Identity Document.
  • Address and phone numbers.
  • Clear and precise details of the matter you wish to communicate.
  • An express, clear sworn statement by the notifying party that the information provided is exact.
  • The signature of the notifying party.
  1. If a legal entity:
  • The business name of the notifying entity.
  • A copy of its Tax Identification document.
  • The full name of its legal representative or the person with sufficient power (in such case, proof of representation powers may be requested).
  • Address and phone numbers.
  • Clear and precise details of the matter you wish to communicate.
  • An express, clear sworn statement by the notifying party that the information provided is exact.
  • The signature of the legal representative or person with sufficient power.
  • Notification of an illegal activity or breach of rights : In addition to the content mentioned above, it must include an exact indication of the events or circumstances considered illegal or a breach, the protected content breached, the place and location of the content affecting such rights at the Website, Services or Sites and proof of such rights with an authentic signature or equivalent with the personal data of the holder of the rights supposedly breached or the person authorized to act on behalf of such person.
  • Effectiveness: notifications shall be considered effective upon confirmation of receipt by GRUPO TECOPY.

NOTE: Any non-compliance with the foregoing specifications will NOT be considered valid Notification and, therefore, GRUPO TECOPY reserves the right to request corrections of errors/omissions committed and not process the request.


These General Clauses shall be governed by Spanish law. For any matters that may arise or actions that may be taken deriving from the provision of the Website services and its Services and Content as regards the interpretation, application, compliance or breach of the provisions established herein, Grupo Tecopy Cartera Empresarial, S.L. and the USER hereby expressly waive any other forum that would otherwise correspond and submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Zamora.


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