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Lepe Tourism

The project is part of the Lepe Smart Tourism and Governance Initiative promoted by as part of the Smart Cities Plan, pursuant to the requirements of component 3 entitled “Municipal Tourism Platform”. It involved the development and implementation of the necessary solutions and services to manage and improve the provision of citizen services in governance and tourism information. In addition, it fosters efficacy, quick responses and the quality of the services provided.
The execution required hardware, software and the necessary professional services for the proper functioning thereof and their integration with existing City of Lepe systems as well as an in-situ guarantee of the components supplied and installed.

The work done:

Municipal Tourism Platform

The development of a solution with all the municipal tourism information structured as per the three tourism areas defined by the Lepe Smart Tourism and Governance Project.

Included the implementation of:

  • A tourism web portal

To create and update content.

  • A mobile application

Available for download for iOS and Android. To access municipal tourism information and receive notifications.