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M-30 Mapping

This project contracted by Madrid City Council consists of acquiring 200 kilometres of tunnels on the M30 using Mobile Mapping technology to map and inventory the elements inside the tunnels, with 1/1000 scale mapping of the entire municipal area.

Mobile Mapping or LIDAR MOBILE technology is an innovative system that captures 3D data on a massive scale and allows for inventories to be created for roads and cities, reducing the costs and resources of capturing data. COTESA manages the acquisition and processing of data through the Mobile Mapping technology, offering urban inventories, 1/500 scale mapping in 2D and 3D and terrain models of kilometres of roads and infrastructure and expansive cities.

Using this system, the following works have been completed:

  • Inventory of tunnels of the M-30.
  • Mobile mapping of 200 linear kilometres of tunnels with unrestricted vehicle traffic, thus obtaining clouds of points in 3D and georeferenced photographs.
  • Inventory of the following elements:
  • Width of road
  • Vertical and horizontal signalling
  • Emergency doors, etc.

Madrid City Council