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GRUPO TECOPY is a Spanish company, operating in the international sphere, that provides consultancy and highly-specialized advisor services in the areas of engineering, applied technology, training and integrated management.

GRUPO TECOPY’s proposal is to integrate new technologies across the disciplines and to foster a new, active R&D&I and technological innovation policy.


GRUPO TECOPY wants to consolidate itself as a leader of best practice and business experience in areas of activity through fostering innovation as a strategy for competitiveness and fostering a corporate culture that generates confidence and professionalism and develops talent.


INNOVATION: make use of technological surveillance systems, training, creativity and knowledge management.

TEAMWORK: we train multidisciplinary teams made up of experts from the different companies in the Group which allows us to offer the most appropriate solutions for our client’s needs in a healthy, responsible and pleasant environment.

QUALITY: our customer service policy, much like our internal policies, is guided by quality criteria validated by prestigious national and international guarantee seals.

TECHNOLOGY: our passion is applying new technologies to all projects, new and old, with the aim of offering modern and competitive solutions, a consequence of the correct knowledge management and high level of professionalism among our staff, contributing to the country’s technological development, increasing its wealth and better global standing.

INTERNATIONALIZATION: we propose the growth of the company into new international markets, bringing Spanish technology overseas.