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The capacity to create – innovation – is the guiding principle in all areas of GRUPO TECOPY as the starting point for the development of any project.
R&D&I is therefore an essential part of our business culture. And it’s the key to defining the most adequate solutions for each of our clients.

Innovate to grow

Grupo Teocpy is committed to an active R&D and technological innovation policy as the differentiating element that allows its clients to position themselves on the cutting edge of the market. At the same time, it offers partners and collaborators all its knowledge and experience to achieve successful projects.
Grupo Tecopy has extensive knowledge of Territorial Management and immense experience applying new technologies to this management.
Our areas of knowledge revolve around Strategic Urban Planning, Transport Infrastructures, Natural Resource management, Infrastructure Management and New Technologies.
We’re real experts in Geographic Information Systems, Big Data applied to Environmental and Territorial Issues, Spatial Geolocation and Remote Detection and Geographic Information Analysis.
The motivation we feel with each project means we put all our efforts into each task, always trying to provide value and differentiation in all activities.
All Grupo Tecopy companies are UNE 166002:2014 certified and have been awarded the Innovative SME Label.

Strategy-based innovation


We seek and explore new paths towards innovation. Human resources motivation.


An essential tool for competitiveness and growth


Practical and market-oriented approach

Sustainability and Internationalization

Evolution and competitive growth in new markets

Our Commitment to Innovation

Grupo Tecopy firmly believes that R&D&I is essential to achieving sustainable growth.

Investment in R&D&I is one of the cornerstones of this high-tech company which dedicates 7-10% of its turnover to this area. This leads to the completion of a number of individual projects and others in collaboration with other companies and research groups.

Grupo Tecopy has participated in regional, national and international projects funded by the Regional Government of Castilla y León (ADE), MITYC, MICINN, MINECO, CDTI and the EU, among others.
Ever since it was established, the commitment to R&D has been constant and the progress achieved has led to numerous success stories related to new projects and services for our clients all while maintaining and guaranteeing our commitment to quality.

Our Projects