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Parqueo, one of Cotesa's innovative projects, shows very positive results in the initial tests.

Monitoring of parking spots in real time through the processing of images using deep learning algorithms, with the purpose of favoring and improving the parking of drivers, and contributing, therefore, to the reduction of traffic, saving fuel and time and reducing the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

Paqueo is a non-intrusive real-time parking spot monitoring technology, based on image processing using Deep Learning algorithms that allow the user to park very quickly in the most traffic-saturated areas.
At the moment, the success of Parqueo lies in the expectations it generates as a solution to a large part of the traffic problems, so complex in the center of many cities. As the project team has reported, its implementation practically eliminates the time spent by drivers looking for parking, which generates 30% of urban traffic. At the same time, this produces a significant reduction in fuel consumption, a saving in costs and time and helps to prevent environmental deterioration by avoiding the emission of many tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. The technology developed by Cotesa is based on a monitoring system, which is carried out by standard cameras and the already installed video surveillance cameras, even if they record in low quality. The images are analyzed with specific cloud processing software, whose algorithms are capable of detecting where the free spots are, as well as the time a vehicle is parked in a spot. And all this, in real time!

Esquema de funcionamiento del proyecto Parqueo

Traffic management

Parqueo also offers other functionalities, such as management of loading and unloading zones, control of irregular parking (double parking, among others), determination of hourly ranges and dynamic pricing policies, prediction of occupation levels, improved location of dynamic information panels, etc. And it is a technology that does not violate data protection regulations, capable of adapting to different scenarios: street parking, car parks, ports (ship detection), industrial processes, etc. Unlike the technology that is currently applied in the monitoring of parking spots in real time, 'Parqueo' does not use magnetic sensors embedded in the ground, so it greatly simplifies its installation and reduces costs considerably.

Simple and intuitive

'Parqueo' is installed as an App for the phone, which allows the user to be guided to the nearest parking spot or to the one previously selected, as well as keeping its location available so that it can be located when the user returns to pick up his vehicle. It also offers a web viewer equipped with a dashboard of usage statistics and reports, as well as systems for parking and fraud control, which provides parking area managers with an infallible tool for improving control and efficiency of their operation. It also includes variable messaging and guidance panels to inform users of free spots in the monitored area or to guide them to the spot they have selected.

Various clients. It would be optimal and suitable for any City Hall, entity or administration that has power and management capacity over parking areas.

Since the end of 2018, Parqueo has been tested with 99.9% accuracy in the municipality of Arroyo de la Encomienda (Valladolid) and the model is already being exported to Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz). The project may be exported to any city, area or location that may be susceptible to installation.