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Tecopysa Cotesa Enclave Fundación Tecopy
Grupo Tecopy desarrolla un sistema de gestión para reducir la huella de carbono en las plantas de tratamiento de residuos sólidos urbanos

International expansion of smes in the Castilla y León Community

Overall objective:

“Achieving a more competitive business”

Specific Objectives:

When Grupo Tecopy started implementing its website, its objective was to externalize all the activity areas and solutions it has and make them available to potential clients in a world that is becoming more and more globalized, where Grupo Tecopy is present in several countries in America and Africa, as well as in Europe. That is why the website has been translated into French and English.


With the implementation of Grupo Tecopy’s new website, we have been able to expose our activity to third parties, guaranteed by the numerous published news items that keep the page permanently updated.

Subsidised action:

Improvement and adaptation of the Grupo Tecopy’s website to the international market (French and English languages)

File code:


Start date:


End date:



12.000,00 euros.

Project Funding Agencies

Project co-financed by the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Operational Programme of Castilla y León 2014-2020

Presentation of the new Grupo Tecopy website