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Presentado el proyecto "Smart Turismo y Gobernanza en Lepe"

The project “Lepe Smart Tourism and Governance in Lepe” was developed by COTESA and has been included in the first Smart City call as part of the Digital Agenda for Spain. This initiative is considered a comprehensive tool for achieving the strategic goal of enhancing the social and economic wellbeing of the people of Lepe and was presented by the Mayo of the City of Lepe, Juan Manuel González, and the Deputy Director for Smart Cities and Open Data at, José Ignacio Sánchez- Valdenebro.

The initiative has developed smart tools to extend the municipality’s tourism offer and efficiently analyse the tourism sector and its ongoing evolution in addition to offering the municipal administration new mechanisms for communication and interaction with residents as well as new more modern computing equipment of the highest quality. highlighted that the project promotes tourism as a strategic sector for the municipality of Lepe and the city’s authorities emphasized that the project is making progress with its goal of enhancing the population’s social and economic wellbeing and facilitating communication between residents and the administration based on the use of information and communication technologies.  “Lepe Smart Turismo and Governance” is a City of Lepe project that is being developed through a collaboration agreement with, a public business entity run under the auspices of the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda. The budget is allocated with 200,000 euros, 80% of which has been provided by and the remaining 20% by the City. It’s co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), chargeable to the Smart Growth Operational Programme (POCint) which contributes to reducing the gaps between the development levels of different regions and strengthening economic cohesion.