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The ‘Villanueva de la Serena Smart City’ initiative is the first project implemented as part of the Spanish National Digital Agenda Smart City Plan. The aim of the initiative was to create a more citizen and visitor-friendly environment in the municipality all while attaining greater social wellbeing through the use of information and communication technologies to create a more efficient and sustainable municipality, foster economic and business development and increase savings and the quality of public service provision.

The main work done:

  • Smart Parking

A smart parking system that allows people to see the space occupancy at the municipal public car park in Calle Conventual in order to optimize mobility in the city. It is a Smart Mobility Platform comprised of a public web portal, an APP with real time dissemination of car park space availability (for iOS and Android) and a centralized parking management, reporting and information exploitation system.

  • Open data portal

This portal offers residents, users and companies public information of interest through access to different datasets that are accessible via an innovative and user-friendly platform that follows the guidelines of the National Interoperability Technical Standard. It’s a valuable service for industry, which can reuse the information published, as well as for citizens. Additionally, this portal helps with the Town Council’s administrative transparency policy.

  • Municipal corporate GIS

A system that includes a municipal inventory and systematizes all geographic-based administrative information. It enables centralized management all while supporting the Municipal Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). Additionally, it facilitates the creation, updating and consultation of the municipal territorial information to foster quality in municipal service provision.

  • Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)

A platform that enables sharing information and knowledge to enhance municipal communication and management linked to the collection, maintenance, review and updating of municipal geographic information on the city. It facilitates spatial data storage and processing, use, access, presentation and distribution all while complying with interoperability criteria. Moreover, this solution optimizes municipal management and allows many different users to use the information as needed.

  • Energy efficiency

An action aimed at the energy efficiency management of municipal buildings; specifically, the City Hall, sports building and the Iberdrola building. Based on the use of sensors, this solution monitors energy consumption and provides key information for savings and efficiency in the systems. Plus, it facilitates the implementation of a smart network and helps reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Citizen app

This app is designed as a communication channel between the City and residents. It’s an interactive system that helps municipal services respond quickly and effectively to incidents communicated.; Local Authority of Villanueva de la Serena