Building and Bioclimatic Architecture

building and bioclimatic architecture

GRUPO TECOPY has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of architecture, in both the public and private sectors, carrying out the most ambitious projects, from pioneering technological buildings, to international tenders, to the house of your dreams.

Grupo Tecopy is committed to protecting the environment; thus our professionals consider our future sustainability when designing buildings. Ever studying new techniques and evolving their craft, our designers apply the latest advances to their projects in collaboration with our R&D department.

Some of our most notable works:

  • Works Management for a Technological Building located in Salamanca’s Science and Technology Park in Villamayor de Armuña.
  • Project Execution for a Multiple Use Industrial Unit for Pevafersa Waferline.
  • Works Management for the Young Artists’ Hangar in Miranda de Ebro for the Institute for Youth in Castile-Leon’s Family and Equality of Opportunities Commission.
  • Project for the Expansion and Renovation of the Health Center in Carbonero el Mayor in Segovia.
  • Project Execution for the covering of the connection modules between main pavilions 1-7 and 2-8 at the IFEMA Trade Fair.
  • Project design and management for the interior design of Swells Pub, C/ San Lorenzo 3 in Valladolid.