Building Technical Inspection (BTI)

Building Technical Inspection

BTI or Building Technical Inspection is a set of mandatory examinations that must be carried out on all homes which are over 40 years old and from then on, every 10 years.

GRUPO TECOPY has a team of technical architects and architects specializing in the drafting of Building Technical Inspections with an exhaustive process which includes:

  • Data collection prior to building inspection: structural study, architectural elements in the surrounding area and photographic study of the elements to be inspected.
  • Examination of 100 % of communal elements of the building (entrance halls, basements, façades and roofs) and 60 % of the homes in compliance with the current regulations. In the case that further examination is needed, we will inspect up to 100 % of the homes without any additional cost to the client.
  • In-depth study of the condition of critical elements such as structure, installations, façades and roofs in conjunction with Tecopysa’s engineering department.
  • Preparation of a report and review of the conclusions.
  • Drafting of the BTI report and its comprehensive management (professional visas, compilation and drafting of annexes to the report and presentation to the cooresponding municipal administration).
  • Drafting of an exhaustive list of possible deficiencies detected and corrective measures to be taken.

This whole process is carried out in constant contact with the client (owner or representative of the Homeowners' Association) so that the client may follow every step of the examination process and end up with detailed information on possible detected incidents.