comprehensive architectural management

GRUPO TECOPY team carries out comprehensive management and turnkey services on all types of projects.

This is what is known as comprehensive architectural management, being in charge not only of the design of a project but also the management of all of the steps, including construction.

In this way, the process begins with the design and finishes with the delivery of the finished product, without worries or delays.

Our Comprehensive Architectural Management Area is composed of a team of highly qualified architects, whose functions during each A.C.M. project are the following:

  • Meeting with the client to determine the needs and characteristics of the project.
  • Gathering on-site information: measurements, reports, studies and analyses of means and needs.
  • Drafting the project and/or memories according to the conditions imposed by prior phases and confirmed by the client throughout the process.
  • Preparation of a budget for the above mentioned project and confirmed by the client to fit to the set budget.
  • Hiring of all the agents to participate in the works according to strict standards of quality. A continuous negotiation process to obtain an ideal quality-price ratio and to lower the costs for the client.
  • Management of the whole construction process, coordinating all the teams and supervising the works to achieve an optimal result.
  • Processing of permits and licenses and delivery of the finished, legalized product to the client.