Comprehensive Housing Management

comprehensive housing management

The self-building of a single-family home often turns out to be a complicated process especially if the owner does not have previous knowledge of architectural management.

It can be a laborious process which includes hiring the technicians (an architect and a technical architect to design the project and manage the works), the processing of preliminary licenses, the hiring of the builder and possible subcontractors, oversight of the construction process, budget monitoring for the project, the processing of building and urban licenses, permits, installations, etc.

GRUPO TECOPY has a Comprehensive Management Department made up of a team of technical architects and architects specializing in the field of the comprehensive architectural management with broad experience in the fields of the building, renovation and interior design.

Comprehensive management is a novel concept that comes to include and improve on “Turnkey Projects”, in which a manager deals with the whole construction process, from the entire design and construction process to the last of the administrative procedures before delivery of the unit to the client.

The work of GRUPO TECOPY in the Comprehensive Management field includes the management of all stages of the building process in order to free the client from any management responsibility or inconvenience; we carry this out, however, in constant contact with him/her in order to achieve the perfect product adapted to his/her needs at an optimal price.

The services that Group Tecopy offers its clients include:

  • Contact with the client and gathering of exhaustive information regarding the needs and objectives of the project.

During this first contact, we offer the client a comprehensive assessment of all of the aspects affecting the construction process (urban planning conditions, design, technical aspects, administrative and economic costs).

  • Proposal of an inital design based on the conditions outlined by the client, including a schematic design with architectural plans (floors, elevations and sections) and a complete infographic rendering of the final result including photorealistic images.

At this time, an estimate is also submitted to the client to give them an idea of the cost of the project.

  • Idea sharing session with the client to determine modifications or improvements to the preliminary draft and modifications according to the desired budget.
  • Once the final design and the technical characteristics have been agreed upon, the process of drafting a construction project (construction documents) begins, including all the documents (plans, memories, technical specifications, measurements and budgets).
  • Economic study of real costs and optimization.
  • Review of the qualities chosen for the finishing touches and the installations and adapting them to the needs of the client and to the available budget.
  • Hiring of crew for the works based on the constructuion documents.
  • Works management carried out by a team of technical architects and architects (a specialist is assigned to each group) as well as exhaustive oversight during the whole construction process with 100% control of materials, tests and workmanship for each of the construction units in order to obtain an optimal product.
  • Processing of necessary documents following the works (completed works documentation, licenses, installations, reception) and advice regarding further processes to be carried out by the client (registry inscription, property inscription etc.).
  • Handing over of keys of the finished building to the client, without any of defects and completely legalized.

As the same team deals with the project from beginning to end, we are able to obtain an optimal finished product, through a carefully controlled process, at a lower cost than standard self-building where a lot of money is lost due to the inexperience of the builder.

The result for the client is a higher quality, more cost effective finished product.