Architecture and urban planning references

october-06 - Underway

General urban development plan of Toro.
Client: Town Council of Toro

january-07 - Underway

General Urban Development Plan of El Espinar.
Client: Town Council of El Espinar (Segovia)

april-08 - Underway

Consultancy and Technical Assistance in the Faculty Management and the Health and Safety Coordination during the construction works in the Technological Building in Salamanca University Science Park.
Client: Gesturcal, S.A.

july-09 - Underway

Support services to manage and monitor the “Programa de Impulso de Urbanismo en Red” (Online Urban Planning Boosting Program).
Client: Entidad pública RED.ES

august-09 - Underway

Extension and Reform of the Medical Centre Carbonero el mayoor. Project Design and Site Management, Execution Management and Security and Health Coordination. Province of Segovia.
Client: Gerencia Regional de Salud de Castilla y León

september-09 - Underway

Municipal Urban Development Standards of Condado de Treviño.
Client: Regional Government of Castilla y León, Ministry of Public Works

march-10 - Underway

Systematization and implementation of tools for “Urbanismo en Red” program.
Client: Entidad pública RED.ES

march-10 - Underway

SIUCAN. Maintenance and adaptation of the General Directorate of Urban Planning technical and cartographic database and General Planning and Urban Development GIS.
Client: Regional Government of Cantabria

august-10 - Underway

Carrying out the quality control for “Mapa urbanístico de Les Illes Balears” (Balearic Islands Urban Map).
Client: Serveis d"informació territorial de les Illes Balears, S.A.

november-10 - Underway

General municipal development Plan of Campo Lameiro.
Client: Town Council of Campo Lameiro