Land-use Planning

land-use planning

Planning on a regional scale requires the definition of models capable of carrying out and integrating the various existing initiatives in fields as diverse as the use and management of natural resources, the protection of the environment and national heritage, the structuring of regional infrastructures and the ultimate goal of a balanced socio-economic development within the given area.

In the planning area at GRUPO TECOPY, we are well aware of the importance of using guiding instruments to ensure the coordination of regional sustainability and development, and even more so in areas with recognizable commonalities, thus making joint management necessary.

To carry out land-use planning projects, we rely on well-known national and international experts (universities, national rural associations, etc.).

Instead of using conventional methods to prepare a project, GRUPO TECOPY belives in using new technologies for the drafting and later, management of measures set in the strategic plan.

Some examples of our land-use planning projects:

  • "Valle del Duero" regional land-use plan for the Castile-Leon Goverment. Land-use plan, which included more than 500 municipalities, 7 sectorial, plans (Environmental Quality, Public Buildings and Infraestructures, Energy Development, National Heritage and Tourism, Technological Innovation and Development, Agro-food Quality and Training) and more than 100 planned measures for social and economic development along the Duero Riverbanks in the coming years. The result of these measures has been the explotation of resources from the Duero River and the expansion of its area of influence in Castile-Leon as a whole through the revitalization of its values: River of Innovation and Sustainability, River of Quality, River of Culture, Multi-use River, River of Energy.
  • Planning guidelines for the province of Palencia. A joint venture with the Valladolid University Urban Institute. Establishment of land-use policies for the province of Palencia as a whole.
  • Program of service and support of self-dependence in rural areas. A joint venture with the Union of Rural Action Centers. Observational study of rural dependence and the development of a web site providing aid, evaluation and the distribuition of information for staff, caregivers, associations, relatives, private companies and public organizations deailng with dependance in rural areas.