urban consulting

Urban planning is traditionally a heterogeneous discipline and has recently been declared a Public Service of General Interest; it has become one of the primary concerns of political leaders and citizens alike. With the birth of the Information Age, a new model for the relationship between citizens and the administration has come forth which utilizes new technologies as a framework to respond to concerns, improve the quality of interactions, distribute urban planning information and systematize usually heterogeneous data.

In GRUPO TECOPY, we firmly believe in the need to introduce digital culture into society as well as into the realm of urban planning. For this reason we have made a firm commitment to projects related to the systematization of urban planning, having developed the Urban Standards of Castile-Leon (NORMAPLUR) the Urban Standards of Aragon (NOTEPA), the Basic Urban Planning Specifications for Andalusia (Andalucía DUB), the Urban Information System of Cantabria (SIUCAN) and quality control for the Urban Map of the Balearic Islands.

GRUPO TECOPY were awarded the Program for the Promulgation of Urban Planning on the Web to be carried out in conjunction with red.es. The Ministry of Industry has set the advocacy of an Information Society through the development of projects and the implementation of electronic services that facilitate the provision of public digital services to citizens and businesses as a national objective. Our national experience in the systematization of urban planning has made us a leader in this field.

Through urban consulting, we also develop tools for planners, adapted to the different legislative frameworks, which provide a mentoring system on writing for planners as well as a means of saving money.

Through urban consulting projects, we also address the improvement of urban conditions, facilitating the drafting of amendments to urban plans, providing advice on processes of public exhibition, carrying out studies of the market and representing our clients in their dealings with the government.

Examples of our work in urban consulting:

  • Urban Planning on the Web for the Ministry of Industry red.es. Awarded the coordination of the project office and the systematization of data batch 3.
  • Project NORMAPLUR, standardization of planning in Castile-Leon. Preparation of Technical Instruction for the Preparation of Planning (ITPLAN), application for the writters of the urban plan in Castile-Leon (PLURCAD), application for land management by the regional administration (PLURGIS) and Web application for the webcast of the Land Census (CESU).
  • Project NOTEPA, standardization planning for Aragon. Preparation of a Technical Standard for urban planning writing in Aragon (NOTEPA), application for the writers of the urban plan (NOTEPACAD), application for the Government of Aragon for the systematic management of planning (NOTEPAGIS).
  • Project DUB Andalusia. Establishment of the Basic Urban Planning Specifications for Andalusia.
  • Project: quality control of the urban map of the Balearic Islands for SITIBSA.
  • Project SIUCAN, Urban Information System for the Government of Cantabria.
  • Systematization of Planning, implementing a Geographic Information System (LocalGIS) and urban data dump for the city of Teruel.